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Direct Investments is a core business line that complements our Private Equity and Credit platforms, as investors increasingly demand marquee and exclusive investment opportunities.

We initiated our first Direct Investment in RAK Ceramics via Samena Limestone Holdings (a Cayman based 5 year fixed term company) and other strategic co-investors. We followed up this opportunity in December 2014 by offering a select group of investors the opportunity to invest directly into Mahindra Two Wheelers via Samena Spark Holdings (a Cayman based 5 year fixed term company).

In the Samena Limestone Consortium, we raised co-investment capital from a number of investors including two GCC sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, high net worth individuals and family offices. Such an august blue chip group was an important element in supporting our credentials as a preferred partner to RAK Ceramics, as we presented a clear post-acquisition value creation plan.

Similarly, the Samena Spark Consortium presented investors with a bespoke opportunity to invest in Indian automobile major Mahindra and Mahindra’s unlisted two-wheeler subsidiary, Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd. Samena Capital has helped drive the company’s transformation into a leading global player in its space. Since the Spark Consortium’s investment, Mahindra Two Wheelers has completed the acquisition of a majority stake in Peugeot Motorcycles, the oldest motorized two-wheeler manufacturer in the world and a key player in urban mobility in Europe for 116 years.

Having executed our first Direct Investment transaction in 2014, we have built the infrastructure and resources required to replicate such marquee transactions in an efficient and timely manner. At the heart of this ability is our active partnership model where the collective resources of the consortium play a pivotal role.

Samena Limestone Summary

  • Amount Invested: US$ 238 million
  • Stake Held: 31%
  • Country: UAE
  • Market Capitalization: US$413 million (as at 31st December 2019)
  • Investment Type: Control PIPE