Samena Special Situations Fund L.P. is a 7 year closed-ended Cayman exempted partnership.

The Samena Special Situations Fund L.P. employs a fundamental approach to invest in equity and equity related instruments primarily in smaller to midsize companies that are undervalued relative to their long term potential. It is likely that such companies may be experiencing some form of corporate restructuring or re-engineering, management change, new product introduction or innovation, industry transformation, new regulation or technology, or are experiencing some other ‘special situation’ such as merger, acquisition and de-listing.

Fund Summary

  • Initial closing in August 2008 and Final Closing in May 2009 with total commitments of US$180.5 million
  • 7 year closed-ended private equity style structure
  • Repayment of 128.5% of committed capital as of 30 June 2017
  • Focused but not restricted to special situation events in the small and mid cap space
  • Cayman Islands Limited Partnership
  • Primary geographical focus is the SAMENA region